Mubea Systems

MIDAS: high precision extruded aluminium products for high-speed and metro trains

MIDAS manufactures a wide variety of large-section and high-precision aluminium alloy extruded products which are primarily used in the body frames of high-speed passenger trains and metro trains. The Mubea Profile Machining Centers machine the profiles to high-precision products!

  • High-Speed Train Projects

    • Beijing – Tianjin High-Speed Train Project?
    • Regional Line EMU Phase 1 Project?
    • CRH3-380 and CRH3-300 Projects?
    • CRH5 and CRH1 EMU Projects?
    • Pearl River Delta Inter-city High-Speed Train Project (Dongguan – Shenzhen Section)?
    • Dongguan – Huizhou Inter-City Train Project?
    • Nanjing – Gaochun Inter-City Rail Project

    Metro Train Projects

    • Shanghai Metro Line Projects?
    • Shenzhen Metro Line Projects?
    • Nanjing Metro Line Projects?
    • Guangzhou Metro Line Projects?
    • Tianjin Metro Line Project?
    • Changchun City Light Rail Project?
    • Hangzhou Metro Line Project?
    • Kunming Metro Line Project?
    • Zhengzhou Metro Line Project?
    • Ningbo Metro Line Project?
    • Wuxi Metro Line Projects?
    • Dongguan Rapid Railway Line Project?
    • Wuhan Metro Line Project Changchun?
    • Metro Line Project
  • International Train Projects

    • Circle Line Project (Singapore)?
    • Downtown Line Project (Singapore)?
    • Metro Oslo MRT Project (Norway)?
    • Valero RUS Project (Russia)?
    • Desiro Mainline Project (European and ex-European markets)?
    • Helsinki – St. Petersburg High-Speed Train Project?
    • Incheon International Airport Railroad Project (South Korea)?
    • RS-Citadis Project (Europe)?
    • Saudi Arabia Metro Project?
    • Iran Metro Project?
    • SBB Double Deck Train Project (Switzerland)?
    • Intercity Urban Rail Project (Malaysia)?
    • Izmir Light Rail Transit Project (Turkey)?
    • Valero RUS2 Project (Russia)
    • Desiro RUS Sochi Projects (Russia)?
    • Desiro Mainline Bruxelles Project (Belgium)?
    • S?o Paulo Expresso Tiradentes Project (Brazil)?
    • Electric Trains Projects (Russia)?
    • North East Line Project (Singapore)


Mubea Profile Machining Centers in MIDAS

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